The augmentation index is a ratio calculated from the blood pressure waveform, it is a measure of wave reflection and arterial stiffness. Augmentation index is commonly accepted as a measure of the enhancement (augmentation) of central aortic pressure by a reflected pulse wave (shown in green in the graph).

How hard are your arteries? Arterial stiffness can be managed through exercise, medicines and food.

pulsecor BPplus provides a graphical rhythm strip that makes identifying heart rhythm anomalies easy.

  • Don't miss out on hearing important pulse rhythm information. BPplus provides an easy to read rhythm strip as part of its measurement.
  • Visually identify atrial fibrillation and premature ventricular contractions
  • Easily record rhythm information using software on your personal computer

Are your arteries older than you? Vascular age indicates premature damage to your arteries and is a good indicator of cardiovascular risk.
Blood pressure medicines work in different ways. What is appropriate for your situation?
Central blood pressure is what the heart works against. It is strongly associated with cardiovascular risk.
BPplusmeasurements are independent of operator technique and exhibit excellent intra-session and inter-day repeatability.

This article offers brief reviews of published papers in field of Hypertension Research including:

  • Rediscovering the Arteries
  • Hypertension as an Arterial Syndrome
  • Treating Arteries to Manage Cardiovascular Risk

Where available, links are provided to on-line publications.

Aerobic exercise is a great way to manage arterial health, and BPplus is a great way to manage your exercise programme.

Since 2000 our technology has been trialed in environments ranging from the operating room, to the clinic, to the leisure centre.

In addition, we pride ourselves on "transparent-box" technology through an active program of theoretical research into the physical systems involved.

  • Evidence shows that arterial stiffness and central aortic pressure are important independent predictors of cardiovascular events. See the Education section for more information. ...

  • Measurements are non-invasive and non-intrusive , they may be made over light clothing. This makes it possible to easily perform detailed cardiac assessment discretly any where, any time. ...

  • Advanced algorithms used in BPplus provide repeatable cardiac assessments and blood pressure measurements which surpass international standards. ...

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